How to claim your WCA ID

How to claim your WCA ID

So you have attended your first WCA competition. How do you get your WCA ID?

What is a WCA ID?

WCA ID is your code name. Once you attend a WCA competition for the first time, a unique ID is generated for you. Your future timings will be historically recorded here for referencing and ranking.

How can I get it?

Once the results are published, your account will likely automatically have the ID bound to it. If not, you have to claim it. Spot registration participants must claim their ID after the event, as it will not be automatically bound.

How to claim the ID?

First login to your WCA Account you used to register for the competition.

Sign in

Visit This link to claim the ID

If you see the below message, your ID is already assigned. GG

Assigned Already

If you see the below form instead, keep reading this guide.

Not Assigned

Now visit the competition's page you have attended. For example, we will use "Cube Milao Bangladesh 2022"

On the left, Visit Results -> "By Person"

All results

Find your name. You can use the search option from your mobile browser. On desktop, press Ctrl+F to search. Once you find your name, Click the red "WCA Profile" Text

WCA Profile link

You will be taken to your newly generated profile. Your WCA ID is mentioned there.


Copy it. Visit This link to claim the ID

Claim ID

Paste or Type your "WCA ID" in the field. Select your profile.

Select Your WCA Profile

If it is not yet claimed, you can claim it by pressing "Claim WCA ID".

Done, Now the delegate will verify and assign your ID.

Possible errors:
1) Already assigned to a different account. If you think it's wrong, contact your local WCA delegate for a solution.

Already Claimed

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