How to register at a WCA Competition for the first time

How to register at a WCA Competition for the first time
Players compete in solving Rubik's cubes during the final of the 2007 Rubik's Cube World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007. (AP / Bela Szandelszky)

WCA, World Cube Association, affiliated competitions are one of the only two official roadways for speedcubers to get internationally recognized.

World Cube Association, aka WCA

Who hosts a WCA Competition?

A WCA Competition is organized and hosted by common individuals willing to provide voluntary service to make the competition happen. WCA Delegate, an official accredited representative, oversees the competition. Thus, WCA gives official recognition to the competition and publicly announces it on their website

How to find a WCA Competition?

As WCA competitions are publicly announced, you can find them at

How to Register for a WCA Competition?

This will be a step-by-step process. Follow on.

  1. Sign up for a WCA account if this is your first time attending a WCA competition. Otherwise, log in to your existing WCA account.
  2. Find a competition you want to attend. For example, we are choosing
    Cube Milao Bangladesh 2022, a WCA Competition based in Bangladesh upcoming on 23rd September 2022.
  3. Click "Register" from the left navigation bar.
WCA Register button

4. You will find a simple guide there on the registration. Go to the bottom at "Registration details" for your registration process.

Registration Details

5. Select the events you want to register for. Click on them once to get them black. Black means selected.

6. Press "Register"

7. We are not done yet. We still need to pay and notify the organizers. Read the guide available on the WCA registration page to learn about payment details. In Bangladesh, you typically will have to pay via Bkash, Rocket, and Nagad to the organizers' provided number. Afterward, you have to SMS on the same number with your Name, Number of Events selected, and Transaction ID.

8. Now wait for the organizers to confirm by emailing and accepting your registration. If you don't receive any updates within 2 days, contact the organizers.

Expert Advice

🔴 Always go through the competition details and relevant tabs to know more.

Competition Tabs

🔴 If you have previously attended a WCA competition, but do not have a WCA ID, contact your local WCA Delegate. Reason: You already have a WCA ID, but it has not been bound to your account yet. You have to "Claim" the WCA ID from the relevant page. Details on this will be posted in a later guide.

🔴 Go through this video to learn the basics of the WCA Competition. It really helps.

🔴 Make sure that your name is listed on the competitors' page. Registration is kept on pending by default. Once the payment is confirmed, it is updated to "Accepted". You will ALWAYS get an email once your registration is complete and, it will ALWAYS show up in the competitors' list. If neither of these happened even though you have paid, contact the organizers as soon as possible

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