Speedcuber teachings
Things Speedcubing teachest you, and does not.

It's 2022, and you probably have tried to solve that 6 sided colorful puzzle that takes an eternity to solve. It's a Rubik's cube. And no, it is not impossible to solve. It's fairly easy to learn. You can find tons of tutorials online.

A Classic Rubik's Cube

"Solving the cube" and "Solving it fast" may sound similar, but they are totally different worlds.

Do you like solving the cube passionately? You are a cuber. Congratulations!

A solved cube

But there are some maniacs out there who want to solve it fast.  Faster than it takes you to drink a regular glass of water. People call them "Speedcubers."

Feliks Zemdegs Iconic 5.66 seconds solve from 2011
Full video

They are relentless beings who love to sit in the corner of a room and mind their own cubes. You wouldn't be able to grab their attention unless you at least knew what RUR'U' means.  There's a whole documentary about them on Netflix. You may check it out if you are still interested.


If you have read so far, and you are not a speedcuber, you are probably interested in speedcubing. If yes, this list may help you understand what speedcubing does to a person and what it does not.

What speedcubing does and does not

We have oversimplified it, assuming you have no clue of how to even solve a Rubik's cube. But as you walk along this path and continue your journey, you will find your own definitions of these and new concepts. And that is the beauty of Cubing. Welcome to the community.

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The communities are one google search away. As the author of this post is from Bangladesh, we are sharing the Bangladeshi Facebook based cubing group here. But if you are from any other country, simply search by your country. You will find a group for sure.

You can also join our community forum and ask questions. Even though we only sell inside Bangladesh, you will find some cubers who are willing to help you out.

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