CubeNation Delivery & Returns

CubeNation Delivery & Returns
Photo by Ruchindra Gunasekara / Unsplash

CubeNation delivers your order using 3rd Party couriers like Pathao, Paperfly, etc. When you place an order, we check if all of the items are available. If yes, we send the order to packing. Once the order is packed, it would be handed over to the courier for delivery. It takes the courier the following days to deliver:

  • Inside Dhaka: 1 Day
  • Outside Dhaka: 2 Days

Order Processing

Your order needs to be packed right? This is processing. Processing includes:

  • Verifying stock availability with Warehouse
  • Contacting/Notifying/Confirming the customer
  • Updating the order to "Packing"
  • Printing Packing label
  • Finding your ordered items in the warehouse
  • Packing them in bubble wrap and shipping bag
  • Attaching the Courier Label
  • Handing over to the courier

Processing Hours

We process orders at different hours on different days. If you order before these hours on these days, we can process them the same day. Otherwise, we will process them on the next day. Which adds 1 additional day to the delivery date.

DayProcessing Ends on
Saturday 03:30 PM
Sunday 01:00 AM
Monday 03:30 PM
Tuesday 012:30 AM
Wednesday 03:30 PM