CubeNation Lubrication Service

Have you noticed this "Lubrication Service" button on some products? Curious to know what it does? Let us break it down.

When you take this service on a puzzle, we lubricate that puzzle for you. For this, our logistics team forwards your puzzle to the Pro team. They carefully unbox your cube, take pictures, lubricate, attach a note, repack, and return it to the packing team. Afterward, the order is delivered to you.

The lubes used:

  • GAN Lube V1/v2/v3
  • Dayan Lube
  • Moyu Lube
  • Traxxas 10/30/50k

What we lube:

  • Pieces
  • Glides

We do not lube the core/spring in this service. Why? Lubricating the core is a tedious process. Adding it would have increased our production cost. We don't do the core lubrication to be able to offer a decent price. These days, lubing the core is not that important with Maglev being the trend. But you can lube your core however you like to after you receive the order.

Please note that when you select this option, we will take 24 hours to process your order. It may not be the right choice when you need urgent delivery.