Improve your Rubik's cube speedsolving time

Improve your Rubik's cube speedsolving time


Learned to solve a Rubik's cube, but don't know how to improve?
Stuck at a certain average? Cannot improve?
Need a guide?
Keep reading.

Learning to solve a Rubik's cube is a hard step. Only a percentage of the world can do it. Congratulations! You are special. So, improving your time is not going to be that hard anymore. You need to practice.

Now you might be like

"C'mon. Everyone says practice. How do I actually do it?".

Hold your horses. We are going to finally answer and provide you a total guideline to improve and actually track your progress.


  • Basic knowledge of spreadsheet
  • Internet
  • A speedcube(At least a Meilong 3x3)
  • Dedication to learn

Every 3x3 Topic to Learn

CFOP, Bottom Cross, BLD Cross, PLL, OLL, COLL, ZBLL, X-Cross, Lookahead, and so on. Learn all these, and you would become sub-10 effortlessly. Easy?

I know this is a tedious list, so I have collaborated with Amanat Alam to build you a proper list you can learn from.

Speecuber Checklist (3x3)

We built it with Google Sheets. You can view it from here

How to use it

  • Click the link
  • Go to File> Make a Copy > Name it > Press Button "Make a Copy"
  • Now you have the file copied to your drive and you can edit it
  • Read a task. Do you know it? Press the "Tick" box left.
  • Add an evaluation you think you deserve
  • You may watch the given YouTube Tutorials for guidance
  • You can also type your current average in seconds in the "Enter it here" field.
  • The System Comment field would tell you what to focus next.
  • Complete the tasks
  • You will start to see improvements soon

Farhanul Haque Khan
Cubing since 2010
Speedcubing since 2012
WCA ID: 2017KHAN54

Farhanul Haque Khan

Farhanul Haque Khan

Speedcubing since 2010
Dhaka, Bangladesh