Interview of a Cuber - Taosif Amin Sahil

Interview of a Cuber - Taosif Amin Sahil
Name: Taosif Amin Sahil
Father’s Name: Mahbub Alam
Mother’s Name: Sufia Begum
School : Ideal School & College

# The first question, Do you solve cubes all day long?
=> No. I used to spend 1.5-2 hours daily but nowadays I spend roughly one hour.

# So how did this journey start?
=> It was around late 2015, I went to my cousin’s house and found a Rubik’s cube there. I asked him if he could solve it and he said that he could. I was really impressed by it and wanted to learn it as well. So when I came back home with the help of YouTube tutorials I solved it for the first time.

# What was your motivation back then? I mean why did you put so much effort into cubing?
=> I just enjoyed it to be honest: “3 It was just for time pass, I never had any goals.

# How come your improvement rate is so good?
=> I Don’t know. I just practice a lot.

# Did you have any obligations from your parents? Like when you used to spend a lot of time-solving cubes.
=> No, they were very supportive regarding cubing. They allowed me to go to comps (even skipping school sometimes :3)

# What are your main events?
=> 2*2, 3*3, 3*3 OH, 4*4, 5*5

# What is your favorite event?
=> Currently 3×3 OH.

# How much time did it take for you to get sub 9 from sub 20?
=> About 1 year.
# How many methods do you know about solving a 3*3?
=> I know the main four methods and some other old ones like corners first as well. So I guess somewhere around 6-7.

# If someone wants to be as fast as you what should he/she do?
=> Practise a lot and have patience. And he/she should also attend lots of cube competitions.

# What did you get throughout this journey?
=> A lot of memories from the competitions, a big happy and fun family(i mean the cubers: “3), Experience and I did get some money and free cubes though (definitely not bragging).

Enough talking about cubing.

# What is your favorite color, favorite food, favorite sport, and favorite memory?
=> My favorite color is deep blue. Not any specific food: “3 All are good. I love cricket and football. I don’t have any specific favorite memory: “3 My life is kinda boring haha.

# Someone asked how do you have a beard at this age?
=> I don’t know lol.

# Well this is a critical question. Which anime character do you think has committed the cruelest betrayal?
=> Aizen from bleach IMO.

# Pewdiepie or t-series?
=> Pewdiepie.

# How would you sum up your whole journey and what are your future goals?
=> This journey has been amazing. I learned so much from it. As of now, I have a few goals. I want to attend more competitions, I am eagerly waiting for the next WCA competition. I want to break the 4*4 NR and 3*3 NR single and average. I also want to get a sponsorship: “3

# Any advice for new cubers?
=> Try to attend competitions even if you don’t win. Don’t get demotivated if you are slow, everyone was at your stage at some point. Have patience and practice.

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