Lube F.A.Q | Which lubes to buy? Why? When?

Lube F.A.Q | Which lubes to buy? Why? When?

Lube F.A.Q is something that is needed by almost every cuber who are starting. This focuses on giving a concise idea about which lubricants to use for cubes.

Firstly, there’s no “Perfect” lube. There’s only “Perfect Lube for a *Specific* Feel”. We would discuss that in this post.

There are tons of lubes in the market and we would discuss the most generic ones here. I have added them based on their feels, speed, longevity, stability. These are my personal preference and might vary from person to person.

Moyu lube v2 5ml – moderate Superspeed/Lasts 50-100 solves and Cheap( Better maru and cheaper, doesn’t slow the cube later. Always get this one if you want maru.)

Moyu lube v1 5ml – Control/Smooth/Silky(Works on most puzzles. Good, if you want to make your cube smooth. Bad if you want to make it super fast)

Dayan Lube 10ML – Better, More, Low-cost version of Moyu v1. Always get this instead of Moyu Lube v1, unless you want the exact feeling of Moyu v1.

QiYi MoFangGe Lube 3ML – Smooth/Control(Good for Qiyi cubes. Can make your cube go completely slow. Be cautious!)

Gan 10ml – Good for Gan cubes(I personally never recommend this to anyone)

Traxxas 50k – Control (Get this if you don’t know what you are doing)

Traxxas 30k – moderate speed + control (Speedier version of 50k)

Traxxas 10k – Speed + Slight control(Fastest traxxas)

Want a fast cube? – Moyu v2
Want Control/Smooth cube? – Traxxas 50k/DaYan Lube 10ml
Got GAN cube? – Traxxas/Gan
Got QiYI cube? – QiYi/Traxxas
No idea what we mean? – Traxxas 50k

If you suck at lubing, keep this saved. Tons of lubes wouldn’t help you. The right amount of the right lube works the best.

We recommend Traxxas 50k to anyone and everyone who want to lube their cube. If 50k is unavailable, get the Dayan lube or Traxxas 30k or 10k. Traxxas works fine on most cubes.  Moyu v2 is like steroids. Works fine for a while but, would get slower later on.

Hope this helped.

Happy cubing!


Farhanul Haque Khan

Farhanul Haque Khan

Speedcubing since 2010
Dhaka, Bangladesh