Pre-order processing closed during Chinese New Year 2024

Pre-order processing closed during Chinese New Year 2024
Photo by Red Morley Hewitt / Unsplash

Last date of Pre-order Processing: 29th January 2024

Every year, China engages in a month-long celebration for their lunar new year, a vibrant and culturally rich tradition that is a cornerstone of their annual calendar.

As we import our products directly from China, this holiday period impacts our pre-order processing timeline. Consequently, we will be temporarily suspending pre-order processing from January 30th to February 22nd, 2024, in respect of the Chinese New Year holiday. Processing will return to normal afterward.

However, we have made provisions to ensure you can still enjoy our products during this period. We will be placing a big order to keep our stock throughout February. Therefore, you can confidently place orders for readily available products and expect prompt delivery. Please note that some collector items may not be available during this period. We recommend placing your orders within January to expedite the ordering process for all items.

Normally, our pre-orders are delivered within a 20-30 day window. However, for orders placed on February 1st, the processing will commence on February 23rd due to the holiday, and delivery will be expected to occur between March 10th and 20th. We understand this is a longer waiting period and we appreciate your patience.

For speedy deliveries during this period, we recommend ordering in-stock items directly from our website. You may also check our upcoming shipment list(Shipment #220) for regular pre-order delivery. Items from this shipment will arrive on 20th February. So, if your pre-order contains these puzzles, you may get quicker delivery.

Your support and understanding during the Lunar New Year holiday are greatly appreciated.

Expected Shipment 220 Arrival List

QiYi Speed Timer Sticker-Hand Drawn Graffiti2

QiYi Speed Timer Sticker-Colorful Space2

QiYi Speed Timer Sticker-Cool Mecha2

QiYi Mat 4.86S Edition1

Chemical Element1

Soft Velvet Bag - Small2

1 x1 Keychain cube3

Time Machine Arabic numbers2

Blanker Cube1

Magic Block Game (Rubik Race)4

Fidget cube #85

GAN Mirror UV1

GAN356 M E14

GAN Mosaic Cube 6x61

GAN12 Maglev UV 3x32

GAN Skewb M Enhanced_UV

GAN356 XS 3x3x3 Lite2

XMD Hong 5x517

QiYi 3x3 Axis S Cube4

QiYi 3x3 Windmill S Cube5

QiYi 3x3 Fisher S Cube5

QiYi M Pro 2x22

QiYi M Pro 4x411

QiYi Warrior 3x32

QiYi Fidget Cube S1

QiYi Fidget Windmill Cube S1

QiYi M Pro 3x3 Maglev18

QiYi Magnetic Pro 3x310

XMD Tornado V3 M Pioneer UV19

XMD Tornado V3 M Pioneer33

XMD Tornado V3 M Flagship33

XMD Tornado V3 M Standard33

QiYi SpeedCubing Timer1

QiYi Timer Data Cable1

QiYi Magnetic Clock7

QiYi 3-layer Cylinder2

QiYi Gear cube 3x3 5.7cm3

Qiyi Clover Pyraminx1

QiYi Coin Tetrahedron Pyramind4

QiYi Duomo cube1

QiYi mini Pyraminx Keychain4

QiYi mini Ivy Keychain7

QiYi Key Ring Cube 3x32

QiYi 2x2 Mirror Cube5

QiYi 2x2 Mirror Cube1

QiYi 2x2 Megaminx2

QiYi 2x2 Megaminx2

QiYi QiHeng S 3x3 Megaminx7

QiYi Mastermorphix cube8

QiYi X Cube3

QIYi Infinity cube1

MoYu Weilong WRM V9 UV2

MoYu Magnetic Folding Cube1

MoYu 3D Maze 60mm1

RS3M V5 Dual Adjustment 3x31

RS3M V5 Maglev Robot 3x31

Super RS3M 3x32

Super RS3M Maglev 3x32

Super RS3M Ball-Core 3x32

CubingClassroom RS2 M 2x2 Evolution2

CubingClassroom RS3 M 3x3 20202

RS Magnetic Skewb2

Cubing Classroom Meilong Mastermorphix8

Meilong Puppet 2 3x3x32

Cubing Classroom Meilong 3x3 SQ13

Cubing Classroom Meilong IVY Skewb2

Cubing Classroom Meilong Polaris Cube2

Cubing Classroom Meilong 2x22

Cubing Classroom Meilong 4x42

Meilong 6x6 V22

Meilong 7x7 V22

Cubing Classroom Meilong 8x81

SengSo Crazy 3x3 Magic Tower2

SengSo 6x6 Magic Tower2

SengSo 5x5 Magic Tower2

SengSo 4x4 Magic Tower2

Sengso 2x2 Magic Tower3

ShengShou Jing's Pyraminx1

Shengshou 9x9 Cube1

Shengshou 3x3 mirror cube with gray stickers7

YJ Tick Cage2

YJ Zhilong M Mini 4x42

YJ MGC 7x71

YJ MGC 6x61

YJ MGC 5x51

YJ MGC 4x41

YJ MGC 2x2


YJ Yuhu Megaminx V2 M3

YJ Yeet Ball Cube2

YJ 3x3x3 Ball Cube1

YuXin Corner Helicopter Cube2

YuXin Little Magic 2x2 M V22

Yuxin Little Magic SQ1

Dayan BaGua Cube10

Ninja 3x3 Ghost Cube with M stickers2

Cyclone Boys Metallic 3x3

FanXin Pear Cube1

FanXin Orange Cube1

FanXin Peach Cube1

Fanxin Apple Cube1

Fanxin Lemon Cube1

Fanxin Banana Cube1

FanXin 1x3x3 Spinner (small)4

FanXin Nautilus Cube7

Farhanul Haque Khan

Farhanul Haque Khan

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