Key details to purchasing genuine speedcubes

Key details to purchasing genuine speedcubes
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This post is intended for beginners looking for speedcubes in Bangladesh.

As you are planning to get a speedcube now, you are confused about whether the speedcube you have found is genuine or not. Let’s discuss what makes a genuine speedcube.

1. Brand Name

A genuine speedcube should come from a reputed brand. MoYu, QiYi, GAN, Cubing Classroom, YongJun(YJ), Valk, XMD, FanXin, Yuxin, etc. are the top brands producing branded speedcubes. There are a few more brands. But, you should only purchase your first speedcube from these brands to stay on the safe side.

2. Features

A genuine speedcube is made out of plastic. If someone is selling you a metallic speedcube, RUN. It should also have spring+screw(or, Magnets,  more on this later) in the centerpiece. The brand logo should be attached to the centerpiece of the cube. Also, the cube should come in the official box.

You may ask, “How do I know it is the official box?”.
– Every top speedcube has been reviewed on Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Find the name of the speedcube you are planning to purchase and search on youtube. If you cannot find any review, it is probably a good idea to skip that speedcube for now.

Another core feature of a speedcube is its speedcube and flexibility. A genuine speedcube should also turn well. To turn well, it should have good corner-cutting. It should also not lock up while turning. If you can check the puzzle by hand, test it out.

Things to watch out for

There are a lot of local shops selling counterfeit speedcubes. Counterfeit puzzles typically do not perform well.

Some of them look similar to this, a QiYi Sail(Qihang) W. It’s sold for 299 BDT at our shop(CubeNation). But local sellers are selling it for 60-150 BDT. If you find one of these in your local store, you can purchase it. Yes, you can purchase it, even though it is counterfeit. Why?
Because, it is a good counterfeit product.

Speedcubes are different because of their design. There is nothing more to it. Essentially, they are plastic, screws, and springs. If someone copies them perfectly, the product should feel great.
The cube in the image is just that. It performs similar to the original QiYi Sail W. We have tested it ourselves and we could barely notice any difference. So you can get it.

As for other counterfeit puzzles, especially the DS3, don’t go for it. It’s not worth it.

Where to get speedcubes?

First of all, why are you even asking us, bro? We would definitely call ourselves the best place to get speedcubes.  You should ask this question to other speedcubers around. You can find them in CubistBD. Ask them for an unbiased reply.

Which speedcubes do you recommend for Beginners?

Go for Meilong 3×3 if you are on a budget. This puzzle is just great for its price.
You can also get a Yuxin Little Magic 3×3 if you can slightly stretch your budget.
If you really wanna get the best of this world, get the latest GAN Speedcube. Currently, it is GAN 12 M MagLev UV.

But getting a Meilong is best for you. Once you understand the puzzle’s features, you can start to look for better ones. Getting the best in the world right from the beginning may not be ideal.

GAN 12 M MagLev UV

GAN 12 M Maglev UV 3×3 is the 2021 flagship release for 3×3. This puzzle’s most notable feature is the MagLev system and 30-degree layer alignment. This is a promising puzzle for 2021!

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